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Fulfillment can be described as that deep satisfaction that occurs in the moments when you experience living life at its fullest and as your most true self – your unique values are expressed in your actions. Fulfillment is like contentment x10, with an added double shot of authenticity.

We have all had moments of fulfillment – with our partners, our families, in our work, our hobbies, and in our personal experiences. However, true fulfillment is fleeting for most people and rarely finds its way into everyday activities. Mostly we are so busy just trying to keep up with our daily responsibilities and obligations – who has time to think about, never mind actually experiencing fulfillment?

Fulfillment often occurs as something to work towards, like a destination to reach or an outcome to achieve. Once a certain goal is achieved, or the right person or job is found, or the bigger house is bought, THEN we will be fulfilled. But this has fulfillment “out there,” somewhere in the future, as a place to get to, and dependent upon the occurrence of some event. And so the unfulfilling quest for fulfillment goes…

Consider that you can be fulfilled in any given moment. Right where you are, right now. And right now. And now. It can exist in your seemingly mundane daily activities, such as making coffee.

For most people, it’s a process that happens in a state of partial unconsciousness – make it, drink it, start the day. It’s a rushed, routine and empty occurrence. But what if you slowed down enough to be present to the experience – to enjoy the distinct aroma, to take note of the temperature and the rich flavors in the first sip? What if you could find pleasure in the swirling milk patterns, and the different shades of browns, and how the mug warms your hands? This would certainly be a different, and fulfilling experience of making coffee.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, each moment is an opportunity to be fulfilled. It’s not something to achieve, but rather a way of being. It requires slowing down, presence and curiousity, and to bring a sense of wonder to all that you encounter – the people in your lives, the experiences you are having, and the places you go. And while coffee is a simple example, fulfillment in the truly important areas of our lives, the areas that matter most – work, relationships, well-being, family, spirituality, and leisure activities – is what gives a life of meaning, purpose and satisfaction. And it’s available to you now.

I invite you to slow down, to be curious, and to see where you can experience fulfillment, right now.

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On December 21, 2011
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