Client Testimonials


“Chris worked with a key team member to build leadership and communication skills. Chris’ industry experience as both a scientist and business development professional makes him unique, and his expertise helped drive the success of the coaching engagement.”
– Kenneth Fan, Senior Director of Finance & Business

Alba Medical Supply

“Chris has a unique ability to reframe a circumstance, and create a more insightful and direct approach. As an entrepreneur and executive, Chris has helped me become a more effective and efficient leader and communicator.”
– Danil S., CEO

Bergmeyer Associates

“Our firm hired Chris to support one of our top-performing employees to further develop his leadership skills. Through the coaching work with Chris, he gained new self-awareness and demonstrated measurable improvements in his ability to effectively engage colleagues, resolve conflicts, and build key relationships with both internal and external clients. Chris works well with busy people and makes it easy for all parties to understand deliverables, push to enact change, and celebrate when progress is made.”

– Janet Tatten, Director of Human Resources and Administration

Broad Institute

“My organization retained his coaching services to support a skilled scientist into becoming a stronger, more confident leader. As a direct result of Chris’ coaching sessions, the manager has improved his ability to make decisions and his ability to effectively communicate with his colleagues.”

– Vandy Densmore, Assistant Director, Human Resources

CTM Media Group

“Chris’ coaching work with our senior management team had an immediate, meaningful, and positive impact. His professional, non-threatening approach allowed us to learn new ways to motivate, communicate with, and lead our teams. Importantly, he also helped us uncover the key principles and values that drive the work we do – as individuals, and as a company.”

– Mary Connolly, Vice President of Human Resources, CTM Media Group

Liberty Mutual Insurance

“My work with Chris gave me new found confidence that allowed me to take on new initiatives, turn challenges into opportunities and ultimately be a more effective leader. He quickly identified the barriers that prevented me from achieving my potential, and provided me with effective tools and methods that empowered me to overcome those barriers. I like that Chris’s coaching style is personal and empathetic, that he constantly updates his coaching knowledge and tools and ‘walks the talk’ in his own life.”

– Carine Simon, Director of Predictive Analytics

RaNA Therapeutics

“Chris helped us plan and organize a research strategy retreat which he facilitated. He set the tone for productive, constructive and open communication and made sure that the views of all participants were heard. He helped us clarify and find ways to build upon our company culture and provided keys to effective execution that were valuable to us. Chris is an excellent communicator and is well-versed in the issues facing biotechnology companies at various stages. His calm and pleasant personality is especially beneficial in situations in which conflict may arise.”

– James Barsoum, Chief Scientific Officer, RaNA Therapeutics


“Our company hired Chris to work with a key member of our leadership team during a time of critical transition. His coaching was supportive, direct, and had a measurable impact – I received unsolicited feedback from numerous colleagues recognizing our participant to be significantly more engaged with colleagues, less reactive, and more productive.”
– Head of US Human Resources, SOTIO, LLC.

Tolerx, Inc.

“I have worked with Chris for more than 20 years in the drug development business. He understands the dynamics of personal and professional growth, particularly in the setting of change, and he has been a role model for many of us during many successful transitions. With this experience, his firm grasp of industry culture, and a natural way of connecting with others, Chris is a tremendous resource.”
– Doug Ringler, President, CEO, and Co-founder, Tolerx, Inc.

Tempero Pharmaceuticals

“Chris has a direct and engaging facilitation style, and asks the right questions.  His sense of humor and industry experience makes him unique, effective, and a pleasure to work with.  I believe that the work he has done with our teams will have a lasting impact company.”
– Andrea Itano, Chief Scientific Officer


“Chris worked with several key individuals in our organization and it was amazing to see the team’s response to his coaching and the positive impact it had on both their professional development and productivity.”

– Dana Ball, CEO at Unitio