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Make the Shift

Making the shift from technical expert to effective leader is a challenging one for many senior people in scientific, research and high-tech industries. Just as these individuals have reached the pinnacle of their professions, they find that the intellectual horsepower that has driven their success in the past is no longer enough to propel them forward: they now need to lead and influence people. That’s where we come in.

What We Do

Shift Coaching Group is a specialty coaching firm focused on helping high-potential experts and established technical leaders make the tough but rewarding shift from driving process to leading people. Drawing on our extensive experience working with senior scientists, researchers, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, and other specialized professionals, we coach individuals and teams to gain the critical people skills that are the foundation of good leadership. Here’s why we’re remarkably good at this:

We’ve been on both sides of this challenge. Together, our team has 80+ years of practical business experience in a range of professional and specialized industries. We know what it’s like to make the difficult leap from technical expert to leader, to build high-performing teams, and to manage dynamic and complex organizations with global reach. This real-world expertise allows us to coach individuals and teams with an insider’s understanding of their challenges and the empathy of someone who’s been there.

We specialize in the shift from expert to leader. We thrive on the challenge of developing leadership in top talent for pharmaceutical, drug discovery, architecture, and other high-tech industries. This specialization has generated an outstanding track record of helping technical experts worldwide to build emotional intelligence and gain the essential leadership skills needed to succeed in today’s global business environment. At the same time we never lose sight of the individual’s need to align their personal values with their work in order to achieve fulfillment and outstanding results, while maintaining an appropriate integration of their work and personal lives.

We offer a rare mix of depth and agility. Individually, our coaches are seasoned professionals with advanced skills and intuitive coaching styles. Collectively, we have a wide range of educational backgrounds, trainings and certifications, and multi-cultural experiences that supercharge our team with a wealth of tools, techniques, and insights. This depth allows us to be flexible, responsive, and creative in adapting our coaching approach for each client’s unique situation. At the same time, our small size makes us nimble and easy to work with.

  • Executive Coaching

    A one-to-one relationship, the executive coaching contract can be the result of an organization seeking to cultivate and develop a “rising star”, or an individual...

  • Leadership Training

    In the life sciences and high-tech fields especially, scientists and other professionals are used to working as individual contributors. They may have little or no...

Who We Are

  • Christopher Merrill

    Executive Coach | Founder

    Chris is an executive coach and facilitator with 20 years of experience in the research and drug discovery industry as both a scientist and business development executive. He combines this unique professional experience with decades of leadership training to provide coaching, training, and facilitation for seasoned executives, technical experts, high potential employees, and teams. Chris is an executive coach in Harvard Business School’s Executive Education program and is the founder of Shift Coaching Group. He has coached hundreds of professionals in high-tech, drug development, healthcare, financial, and academic organizations, including start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Learn more about Chris…

  • Shea Adelson

    Executive Coach | Team Coach

    Shea works with individuals and teams to build leadership skills, collaboration, and results. Leveraging a career in research and analysis, she offers evidence-based insights to her clients in a range of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology, professional services, architecture, higher education and non-profits. Shea provides coaching, trusted advising, facilitation and training, leading courses in effective communication, strategic thinking, conflict resolution and executive presence among other key topics. Learn more about Shea…

  • Sean Casey LeClaire

    Executive Coach | Speaker

    Sean Casey LeClaire is a speaker, facilitator and executive coach who has worked with a wide range of organizations in the life science, high tech, robotics, consumer goods, and construction industries. Sean has privately coached over 750 business leaders, scientists, artists and athletes, as well as thousands of people in group settings. He is noted for his humor, courage and provocative inquiry. With over 30 years of business experience, Sean Casey LeClaire is a seasoned corporate executive. His presentation style has been called “the perfect blend of a monk and a US Navy Seal.”

    Learn more about Sean…

  • Jonathan Levene

    Executive Coach | Facilitator

    Jonathan Levene is a certified executive coach, leadership trainer, and facilitator with 15 years of experience leading teams in product development organizations at small and mid-size technology firms. He has coached executive clients across a wide variety of industries – including high-tech, healthcare, biotech, financial services, consumer packaged goods, media, consulting, and manufacturing. He specializes at enabling technical executives and their teams to develop the interpersonal and team leadership skills to unleash their creativity, maximize innovation, and achieve outstanding business results. Learn more about Jonathan…

  • Michelle Claffey

    Executive Coach | Team Coach

    Michelle Claffey brings to coaching 15 years of organizational and team experience from working in a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company, Pfizer Inc.  As a former research and people leader in an ever-changing, matrix system, she understands the complexities and challenges of successfully leading people and teams while advancing business portfolio goals. Michelle is dedicated to coaching leaders and teams for the sake of enhancing leadership, increasing team effectiveness and organizational health, and elevating business success. Learn more about Michelle…

What Clients Say

Biotechnology Company

“Our company hired Chris to work with a key member of our leadership team during a time of critical transition. His coaching was supportive, direct, and had a measurable impact – I received unsolicited feedback from numerous colleagues recognizing our participant to be significantly more engaged with colleagues, less reactive, and more productive.”
– Head of US Human Resources

Global Pharmaceutical Company

“The executive team experienced a truly remarkable turn around, which can be tracked to Sean’s strength as a coach/facilitator and his purpose in action.”

– President

Biotechnology Company

“It was my great privilege to have the opportunity to work with Letizia as my executive coach. From the very first call she was professional, brilliant, compassionate, incredibly helpful, and effective. She was particularly insightful in helping me recognize blind spots and misperceptions that were critical to successfully navigating a difficult situation. Above all, it is Letizia’s humanity and caring that grounded and defined our working relationship. I would highly recommend Letizia as an executive coach and will call upon her again in the future.”
– Chief Medical Officer



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